Favorit sidecars are different from conventional motorbike sidecars. Like almost every modern
car they feature an integral body. They don’t need a rigid tubular frame like most other sidecars do.
Thus they offer spacious room inside compared to their compact outer dimensions. 

The bodywork of Favorit sidecars consist of several modules (platform, bulkhead, front, boot) which
themselves are made of special composite materials. So right from the beginning we are able to offer two
different boot options for the 531 GP as well as a left-hand version. 

In sharp contrast to the innovative inner values the outer shape of the 531 GP
recalls traditional sidecar style. It is engineered to spread the feeling
of riding a sidecar outfit in it’s pristine form. The low weight
that results from this design and the particularly
advantageous position of centre of gravity do the rest to
get extraordinary dynamics in combination riding.